Standard Services

Screen Printing

The screenprinting process involves applying a layer of plastisol ink through a woven mesh silkscreen onto the fabric or garment on your choice. Each color involved in your artwork incurs the use of a screen, and dark garments incur an under base to ensure the vibrancy and fullness of your artwork.

Screenprinting is our most popular, cost effective and versatile service.

Direct to Garment

The direct-to-garment process involves printing CMYK ink on your garment of choice, using state-of-the-art inkjet technology, with the capability of fulfilling full-colordesigns and images.

Highly recommended for color intensive designs and low quantity shirt orders.

*Can only be used with 100% ring spun cotton fabric. Preferred color: White.


The embroidery process involves creating a digitized rendering of your artwork, preparing it for stitching, then using commercial embroidery machines to produce the final product. Known for its timeless look, quality construction, and use of threading, embroidery is one of our most popular services.

Recommended for headwear and business uniform.

Design Consultation

Our talented team of graphic designers can work with you to create a custom design or logo. 


Special Finishes

Glitter Ink 

Our glitter ink has the largest sized metallic glitter flakes suspended in the Ink. This results in a "thicker" imprint on the garment but has the most "sparkle" when it hits the light due to the mixture of large flakes.

Shimmer Inks

Although very similar to the Glitter Ink, Shimmer Inks have a more even/consistent "shimmer or lustre" look, as apposed to glitter ink which has more of a "sparkle".  This is due to the flakes used in the in mix being much more fine and smaller than what is used in the glitter ink. 

Metallic Ink 

Our Metallic Ink has no glakes, therefore no eye catching results like glitter or shimmer.  Rather, it has metallic pigments and the best results are achieved by carefully selecting the right tone or brightness desired.  Metallic inks can range from a more muted look (left picture) to a very vibrant bright look (right picture).

Metallic Foiling

In addition to printing on the garment, foiling requires an extra heat press step in the process in order to apply a foil film over the design. Foiling is one of our biggest value adders, and most popular decoration techniques.  It yields a metallic shine you can see from a far distance. 

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